Thursday, 3 June 2010

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Synchronated SWOS
National Team Update: World Cup 2010
v1.0 4/6/2010

- Several non-qualifying nations are also included
- Player attributes/positions are derived from FM10 using my own algorithm
- SWOS doesn't understand squad numbers beyond 1-16, so as always I've only used 1-16 even if the real squad number might differ
- Players are labeled with their preferred position (rather than current lineup position) so that shuffling them around is viable, for example Gerrard is not labeled as a LW just because that's where he will probably start
- These teams are not intended to be used as part of a SWOS career mode and you may experience bugs if you attempt to use them in career mode
- 'Final' squad lists were used as they stood on June 3rd 2010 and as such any later injuries/changes may not be accounted for

Download team files here; pre-prepared DIY file with correct South Africa 2010 fixtures here (thanks again to Mozg).

edit: since I posted this update, first-team players are dropping like flies. I really feel for these guys, especially as some of them are key African players missing the first African World Cup. I will post a file without the injured players once the games have started (and the player replacement period is out).

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