Sunday, 11 July 2010

Good afternoon all.
Just in case the World Cup Final isn't enough, the Synchronated SWOS Legends update is now available.


- Thousands upon thousands of legendary players, from late 1800s to present, distributed across hundreds of club teams worldwide, creating an 'all-time' playable career mode
- Scores of 'all-time best' national teams comprising the cream of the same player database
- Player attributes calibrated to provide as balanced a game as possible given the standard of the included players
- Dead/ailing clubs revived and placed in historical context - compete as Reims or Dynamo Dresden
- Fits the original league/data structure of SWOS 96-97 for fully working, rigorously tested Career Mode playability
- Players can only be at one club, so if you're missing your favourite player, try his other clubs
- Players have been assigned their preferred position to enable dream-team buying/selling/shuffling

Direct download (containing both PC and Amiga files) here
Screenshots at

Enjoy, and keep SWOS alive!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Many thanks to PC Gamer (UK, August edition) for the plug!
More info and FAQs about Synchronated can be found on the 110mb site.
Watch out here for a new announcement as the World Cup finishes.