Sunday, 11 July 2010

Good afternoon all.
Just in case the World Cup Final isn't enough, the Synchronated SWOS Legends update is now available.


- Thousands upon thousands of legendary players, from late 1800s to present, distributed across hundreds of club teams worldwide, creating an 'all-time' playable career mode
- Scores of 'all-time best' national teams comprising the cream of the same player database
- Player attributes calibrated to provide as balanced a game as possible given the standard of the included players
- Dead/ailing clubs revived and placed in historical context - compete as Reims or Dynamo Dresden
- Fits the original league/data structure of SWOS 96-97 for fully working, rigorously tested Career Mode playability
- Players can only be at one club, so if you're missing your favourite player, try his other clubs
- Players have been assigned their preferred position to enable dream-team buying/selling/shuffling

Direct download (containing both PC and Amiga files) here
Screenshots at

Enjoy, and keep SWOS alive!


  1. good job but better for me real teams

  2. you're GREAT!!
    Thax so much for this amazing job!
    I hope in 2010-2011 upgrade!
    Swos Rulez!