Sunday, 2 January 2011

v2.2 released

Changes to v2.2
- New sws.exe: Fixed crash bug that occurs in PC version (even in the original 96/97 version) when playing Career Mode as a Greek team
- Minor data fixes

Download here


  1. I downloaded the fixed sws.exe and tried to start it via dosbox, but it seems not to be working.
    I must say here that the previous version worked fine for me, but the v2.2 release doesnt.
    I use latest dosbox build on Win 7 64bit.
    Are you aware of this or maybe you know what the conflict seems to be ?
    If you want any further details, tell me.

  2. Hi, I am not too familiar with running dosbox (more with the Amiga version). I have tested the PC sws.exe with SWOS Total Pack (by substituting it for the one it uses for the appropriate teamset) which uses dosbox, and that worked perfectly across many seasons.
    Perhaps try getting SWOS Total Pack and see how that handles it.
    Good luck :)

  3. Synchronated - Thanks for all the work in this fantastic update. Sorry to hit you with a quibble: I don't know what kind of bug this is but my Newcastle career stalled after first season when they cycle through the leagues and cups at the end of the season. Also, view world leads to several stalls when checking leagues. The latter is minor but the former means I can't enter a second season. Cheers, Chris