Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Synchronated SWOS 2011-12 v1.0

Download here

As v0.9, with data quality check carried out on every team, leading to dozens of minor corrections and a complete file.

All older versions have now been taken down.

Once I have received data from users and contributors, there will be a v1.1, but for now this is complete. I'm off to play SWOS.


P.S. This project has involved lots of research and work on a persistent database, looking up photos for over 20,000 players (some of whom, e.g. big clubs' reserve players who don't get into the SWOS squad of 16, don't even appear in this year's update) and sourcing realistic attributes for many times that number. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I do. Keep SWOS alive!


  1. Thank you so much for all the work you do on this!

  2. Hi thanks for the great job.
    Actually I've a problem trying to use swos on dosbox.

    With 95-96 version, seems like sws.exe gives some problems, the game doesn't start at all..

    with 96-97 version, the games crashes trying to find the audio files.

    Do you guys have found a working version of swos compatible with this great patch? ...could you please link the download page? thanks a lot

  3. Synchronated swos pls help. İ can pc swos with editor. New players.. But i cant amiga version. And hexworkshop. U make and u what can i do.. İ Believe u. Thx