Thursday, 31 October 2013

Good evening SWOS fans.

Synchronated SWOS 2013-14 v1.0


- All leagues updated (the entire SWOS database, over 1,500 teams) for 2013-14
- All national teams updated
- European competition team selections updated to match the 90s-style UEFA qualification rules as best possible (i.e. Cup Winners in the CWC etc.)
- Many changes/updates/corrections to leagues/clubs since v0.9


This should be the final version for this season.

Download Synchronated 13-14 v1.0 here
Both PC and Amiga files included as always.

...and if you're starting from scratch or having any configuration problems, why not try Amiga SWOS Total Pack (update it to v1.5.3a for the new teamset) or my own Amiga/WinUAE configs (with instructions and several versions of SWOS, including 13-14 v1.0).

NOTE: v1.5.3 of Total Pack has a bug in the implementation of the 13-14 teamset, so be sure to update it to v1.5.3a.



  1. Just tried, it works a treat. Unfortunately we can have only 5 substitutions, this is the reason why a lot of players are missing. Just a question: the second goalkeeper is missing in some teams, due to the reason mentioned above?

  2. Yes, that's the reason. If you play every match it is impossible for the first gk to get injured or sent off anyway.

  3. Also there is the reserves league (in place of El Salvador) full of payers who are at big clubs but not in the first 16 squad.

  4. Thank you for the explanation. Just out of curiosity, no way to change the program/editor/game adding two extra players to the bleachers? Sorry for the dumb question :)

  5. Afraid not. The team data is limited to 16 players per squad. I would include full squads otherwise. Could have been worse, when it was first released many leagues still only had 3 players on the bench

  6. Great update. Some changes I would like to add. Michael Mifsud - Maltese Player is with Melbourne Heart Fc Australia. see wikipedia he is one of the top 16 players

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  8. what happen to the second goalers or maybe this a try? thanks for again including Malta. see previous comment Syncronate regarding Micheal Mifsud. He is with Melbourne Heart FC in A-League Ausralia. If you are going to correct the second goales dont forget the 1st goalkeeper of Malta - Andrew Hogg - He now play for 2nd goalkeeper for Kalloni in Greece. thanks. Keep it up see more in wikipedia

  9. Mifsud was without a club when the data snapshot was done. So that's unfortunate but correct.

    Lack of second goalkeepers (unless he's good) is deliberate; if you play your matches in swos, rather than skipping to the result, it is impossible to get your first keeper injured or suspended, so the second gk is actually a waste of a 16-man squad place.

  10. Hi Synchronated,

    I have the Whdload version of SWOS 96 97 and i was trying your latest update 13-14 v1.0 . I copied over the entire 'SWOS/data' folder with the 'data' folder provided and replaced SWOS2 file with the new one.
    But when i try to run the game i'm getting "Illegal instruction error" and the game crashes. I'm runing on a real Amiga 1200. Do you have any clue what might be the problem?


  11. Hi!
    Will you release a 2014-2015 update?
    Fingers crossed :)

  12. Yes me too. Hope we have for 2014-2015 too.